13 Jun 12

Bad Online Dates Rushes to the Rescue with #BODFortune, a Cyber Feast of Good Fortunes to Make Bad Dates and Bad Days Feel Better

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jennifer Kelton, the Bad Online Dates.com CEO, author and dating guru, eats her way through thousands of fortune cookies to gather cyber good fortunes that encourage you before a date or soothe your soul after a bad date—or anytime. (June 2012) In keeping with its reputation as an online oasis of healing, [...]

29 May 12

What Do You Consider to be a Sexual Betrayal and or Cheating? [Infographic]

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Add This Infographic to Your SiteBad Online Dates

19 Apr 12

Bad Online Dates Launches Spring Fever Dinner Date Sweepstakes

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Eat, drink and get your sexy back! Win a $200 dinner date for two. For the 90 million singles in the US suddenly feeling giddy with the season change and warmer weather, Bad Online Dates launches a Spring Fever Dinner Dates Sweepstakes for a romantic dinner for two for $200 Click here to enter on [...]

16 Nov 11

Bad Online Dates Launches The Boob Experiment: Do Bigger Boobs Really Matter?

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As a social scientist who’s been investigating the game of love for almost 30 years, Jennifer Kelton, CEO/Founder of Bad Online Dates launches The Boob Experiment to ask singles if “bigger boobs really do matter?” This boob obsession has contributed to Victoria’s Secret spending $12 million and investing almost an entire year planning their upcoming [...]

22 Jun 11

Date Song Pick of the Week: Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me

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Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me

22 Jun 11

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — In Love With Lust?

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Dear Sasha, I am deeply in lust, and have a rocking sex life (the best that I have ever had) with the new guy that I have been seeing, one MAJOR problem, he does some pretty random and careless stuff, and never learns from his mistakes. I really don’t want to play “mommy” and say [...]

6 Jun 11

Date Song Pick of the Week: Ben Harper & Jack Johnson – Please Me Like You Want To

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Ben Harper & Jack Johnson – Please Me Like You Want To

29 May 11

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

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By Alison Agosti I’ve always wondered why women are labeled as the more vain of the sexes. Men have just as many vices: sports cars, leather jackets and hair plugs are somehow always overlooked. One of these male-centric vanity trends is the guy who wears sunglasses indoors. Ah, yes. The guy who is desperate to [...]

26 May 11

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Dating a Bad Driver

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By Daniel Ponsky Where is it written that the driver in the vehicle is the only one who has to pay attention to the road being driven? Nowhere and that’s just the way I like it. I mean let’s be real, I’m supposed to trust one person driving my life around a million other cars [...]

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